Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to add our organization to piggyback?

A: New organizations can be added to Piggyback's database through our web-form at no cost. Yep, it’s FREE!

Q: How much does it cost for our visitors to download Piggyback for their smartphones?

A: Piggyback App is totally FREE to download and use!  

Q: I am part of a tourism board and we’d like to add all of the organizations in our territory. Can we do that?

A: Absolutely, that is a great way to put your area on the map with numerous pins for our users to explore! You can add the organizations, individually, through our web-form yourself or our team can do it for you, and we’d be glad to work with your area’s organizations if you’d like. We have basic territory plans that start at only $500.00 per year. Contact us and we can help you get the ball rolling!

Q: what can Organizations do with Piggyback?

A: Organizations can use Piggyback to create self-guided mobile tours, add audio and video to exhibits, create public walking tours, sell tickets and memberships, accept donations, facilitate distance learning, collect feedback, and reduce the overall use of print materials.

Q: Our organization has been added and has a free listing, but we’d like to jump in and try out some of the more advanced possibilities, how much does that cost?

A: Great, congrats on deciding to engage your audiences in some innovative new ways! The basic organizational plan is $29.99 per month plus a one time $125 setup fee. There is a 6 month minimum and it includes a brainstorming session with our team and yours (remote included, if a personal session is preferred, additional travel charges may apply).

Beyond that we offer a host of additional services such as user analytics, content management, photography and video production, program and visitor engagement planning and more. When we chat we can go through your goals and ideas to help you craft a perfect plan!

Q: Do the Piggyback team offer any other services? We have a lean team and could use some assistance!

A: Yes, we offer a host of creative digital and marketing services for all sorts of organizations! We’ve helped organizations with photography, audio, video and graphics projects, we’ve helped create websites and social media programs, we’ve helped with public programs and with loads of general brainstorming!

Our marketing, content and multimedia production team members are here to help with a single initiative or act as ongoing adjunct employees as long as you need.

Q: why does piggyback ask for my location?

A: Enabling location on Piggyback is completely OPTIONAL. Location tracking is only used to give location-specific recommendations and will not be stored.