Museum Conferences

"Interestingly, people almost take for granted that we should have an app. i think we would have heard more from them, if we hadn't offered it!"

Piggyback worked with a diverse assortment of museum association conferences in 2015. These conferences draw museum employees from across the country for several days of meetings, networking events, trade exhibitions and a whole lot of fun! See how these conferences have incorporated Piggyback into their outreach and engagement strategies for their guests as both pre-planning and onsite information tools.

The Rhythm! Discovery Center

"Piggyback is our mobile museum companion. museum patrons can come in and learn more about instruments that they can't be 'hands-on' with. piggyback allows them to learn more about the historical and cultural significance of these instruments and see video of these instruments being played."

The Rhythm! Discover Center is the world's foremost drum and percussion museum; founded by the Percussive Arts Society in 2009. Marketing, Membership and Event Coordinator, Daniel Hoffman, describes how Piggyback is used to add a new layer of education and interaction with RDC visitors.

The Virginia Ave. Folk Fest

"Since we have so many different venues and so many different bands, I think it can be hard for folks to really streamline that... so something like Piggyback to allow them to make that a little more simple is perfect for what we're trying to do."

Patrick Burtch and Mike Angel, co-founders of the Virginia Ave. Folk Festival, discuss how using the Piggyback App helped festival-goers plan and plot out which of the many musical acts and attractions they wanted to see during the all-day event. 

The Eiteljorg Museum

“We wanted to give people a deeper experience. Piggyback lets us create an app with minimal staff and minimal resources.” 

Tamara Winfrey Harris and Hyacinth Rucker of the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis, IN talk about the benefits of adopting Piggyback for the museum's 2014 Indian Market & Festival, where the app provided festival-goers with a deeper connection to all the art, entertainment, and history available at the event.

Indy Irish Fest

"We wanted to find something affordable that could have everything in one place. The nice thing about Piggyback is that an organization can build everything in advance and get that into people’s hands immediately."

Erin O' Rourke and Derek Nutty of Indy Irish Fest discuss how Piggyback was able to further engage this year's festival attendees by providing them with information about event attractions, as well as additional audio and video content that could not otherwise be dispensed through a traditional printed festival guide. 

Sarratt Gallery at Vanderbilt University

"Using Piggyback App to promote this gallery exhibit has been incredibly easy and user friendly. With Piggyback it’s all focused, all in one place."

David Heustess, gallery director at Vanderbilt University's Sarratt Gallery, discusses why he uses Piggyback for multimedia expansion for his exhibitions. Also, the two artists featured in the exhibition Interconnected, Gail Looper and Claudia Lee, discuss how Piggyback has aided and expanded their audience's reception to their art.

Gallery 924

"Sometimes a gallery is just 1 person and it’s a really good solution to being a 1 or 2 person staff. Everything was so great, so easy, it’s so user friendly. It doesn’t take a lot of time to figure out where you need to go or how things work."

Gallery 924 Director Shannon Linker and Marketing Coordinator Maureen Saul talk about the advantage Piggyback gives them in running a gallery with a small staff.