For Cultural Organizations:

Like a Custom Mobile App But So Much Better!
Creating self-guided mobile tours, adding audio and video to exhibits, creating public walking tours, selling tickets, accepting donations, facilitating distance learning, collect feedback and analytics along with hundreds of other organizations and their visitors! Unparalleled cross marketing and stretching of your dollars to get your mission into markets around the globe!

Piggyback has been implemented for such uses as:

·      Multimedia/Self-Guided Tours       ·      Ticket Sales

·      Accepting Donations                     ·      Event Registration                               

·      Collecting Visitor Feedback           ·      Distance Learning                             

·      Sponsor Recognition                     ·      Event Promotion                                

·      Targeted and Cross Marketing       ·      Membership Sales                              

·      Community Engagement                ·      GPS Location/Maps                            

·      Eliminate/Lessen Print Materials    ·      Exploring User Analytics

Unlimited and Instant Content Creation 
Create photos, video, and audio with as little as a basic smartphone. Your content can be created and updated on your own terms, depending on what works best for you and your guests. 

Visitors Use Their Own Mobile Devices
Piggyback App is available as a FREE download to your visitors on their own iOS and Android devices; plus offers a mobile web interface for Windows devices, PC users and any other device with internet access!

Advertising, Sponsorship and Donor Recognition
Piggyback tours are designed to help boost sponsorship dollars and market to new demographics. There's space on each tour for corporate logos and donor recognition, as well as the opportunity to link to a donation page directly from a visitor's personal device. Piggyback also provides targeted banner-ad opportunities for any special exhibits, events to other experiences that you want users to know about.

Created by Arts Administrators for Arts Administrators
The Piggyback team and ASH Interactive have years of experience in education, arts administration, visitor experience, marketing, ADA/Section 508 best practices, and grant writing/reporting. We’re here to support your organization as you build specialized content that will help open your doors to a wider audience.

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